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Louvred Walls

Many applications in the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas and Renewables Industries require ventilation systems that can be easily fitted without specialist tools.

MTE louvred wall system provides an extremely rigid but low weight product which can be adapted to meet the specific environmental conditions allowing natural ventilation for equipment.

Used as full solid walls systems or smaller service penetrations, louvre panels also reduce infiltration by water, provide wind shielding and have an integrity rating for A-rated, H-rated and J-rated fire conditions in some of the most challenging environments.

Typical applications

Offshore Wind Farm Substations

Offshore topside platforms

Typical Benefits

Offshore topside platforms

Reduces infiltration by water 

Provides wind shielding 

Light weight and rigidly structured

Easy to install & remove individual panels

Manufactured to suit customers’ requirements

Allows natural light and visibility through the panel

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