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Escape Routes

Escape Routes are purpose designed to provide protected personnel transit ways, evacuation routes and muster areas in the event of serious incidents involving hydrocarbon explosion and fire.

Escape Routes in particular can vary considerably from semi-open walkways to fully enclosed high integrity fire and blast rated tunnels.

Whether for offshore platforms, onshore processing plants or FPSO’s MTE can design escape routes for any purpose with the required fire protection, blast protection and protection from radiant heat fluxes.

MTE offers a range of solutions applicable to offshore fixed and floating production platforms and also for equivalent onshore facilities.

These products are constructed from shop built modules to provide economical site installation and are all fully certified.

Typical Benefits

Fire ratings from A0 through H120 and jetfire

Modular shop construction for economical installation

Available in carbon and stainless steel

Available as a shell or fully equipped to suit clients’ requirements

Designed for specified explosion, fire, jetfire and environmental performance

Blast, fire and jetfire rated flexible seals available to accommodate thermal & mechanical movements

Designed for severe maritime conditions if applicable

All components fully tested and certified

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