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Blast Relief Systems

MTE blast relief systems are full tested, weight and cost optimised and proven protection against the effects of fire and blast threats.

Blast relief systems are tailored to the individual requirements of each project, allowing varying aspects of the specification to be taken into account in each case and therefore offering the optimum solution to a given problem.

MTE blast relief systems are designed to vent pressure loads rather than withstand them in areas where gas build up is expected such as gas turbine enclosures in process facilities or other areas where a confined pressure rise may occur.

Available in fire rated and non-fire rated materials, blast relief panels reduce the risk of sudden explosive events that could endanger product and personnel.

Each system comes with a patented precision release mechanism to ensure accurate opening pressure times and is fully tested to industry standards.

Typical Benefits

Non-detaching design in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium or composite

Modular construction using cassette assemblies to simplify site installation

Patented precision release mechanism ensures accurate opening pressure

Non rated & fire rated systems available

Acoustic performance to suit clients’ requirements

Fully tested with Lloyds verification

Low maintenance

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