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Blast Resistant Ducts

MTE design and manufacture fire rated stainless steel blast resistant ducting systems, which are designed to provide high levels of both fire and blast protection.

The duct systems supplied by MTE are fully designed, engineered and fabricated including full integration and structural support to meet the tough operating conditions of offshore ventilation systems. The robust construction includes structural support and tie-in details to ensure compliance with project specifications and third party approval.

MTE blast rated ducts create a safer environment when used in specialist applications that require enhanced structural strength or blast resistance for fresh air intake and ventilation systems. Fire and blast rated living quarter (LQ) ducts and equipment room ducts are the common application for the third party approved MTE system. The system has been pressure tested to create a life safety duct system to be operated at higher static pressures and air velocities required to carry a larger volume of air while still fitting into restricted spaces.

MTE blast rated ducts have been successfully tested by an independent blast testing facility. They can withstand a charge of 2 Bar overpressure, this life safety benefit is unmatched by any other system.

Design comparisons show that the MTE system is the lightest fully rated duct system allowing the weight saving benefits to be carried from concept through to installation. This forms one aspect of the MTE total weight reduction philosophy which brings many years of engineering refinement to the market to improve offshore platform weight utilisation.

Typical Applications

Blast resistant life safety systems

LQ fresh air ducts

Equipment room ducts

Fire rated high pressure velocity applications

High integrity modules

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