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Wind Shields

Wind Shield Cladding Systems

Wind shield cladding systems are designed to protect personnel and equipment against the effects of radiant heat and adverse arctic conditions with high wind speeds and consequent chill factors.

MTE wind walls have been developed to act as a screen that provides protection against extreme environmental conditions such as wind, snow and rain.

Highly adaptable with a range of open area and solid designs to choose from, MTE wind walls are a valued addition to walkways and perimeter walls, stairtowers and shelters.

Wind shield cladding systems can achieve an immediate percentage reduction in incident wind velocity in excess of 75%. The energy dissipating design of the system means that half a metre behind the panel the percentage reduction in wind velocity increases to 86%.

With open area perforation options of 23%, 32% or 40%, panels are available with various single skin perforation patterns, double skin arrangements and are manufactured using perforated sheet steel.

MTE provides a full turnkey package for the ventilated cladding system from survey, design, manufacture, delivery and installation.

Wind Shield Cladding

The tests exposed to panels to wind speeds of up to 25m/s at various angles to the test subject.

Panels can be supplied as framed systems or in many areas as unframed whereby the panel is fastened directly to the support posts by self fastening screws and a single bolt is utilised to ensure no panel becomes fully detached during any extreme storm condition.

Typical Benefits

Minimum 40 Year Lifespan

Maintenance Free stainless steel system

Allows natural ventilation

Lightweight and rigidly structured

Tailor-made to accommodate existing structural steelwork

Easy to install & remove individual panels

Manufactured to suit customers’ requirements

Allows natural light and visibility through the panel

Suitable for intermittent and severe thermal cycling conditions

Penetrations can be incorporated within panels at site unlike woven mesh systems

Spans deck to deck and requires no secondary support steelwork

Full technical support available

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