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National Apprenticeship Week

To conclude national apprenticeship week, we thought we would give our apprentices the platform to express their views on the apprenticeship process. We asked our apprentices to give advice to anyone considering starting an apprenticeship in engineering and to any company considering recruiting new apprentices:

Scott Norman, Technical Apprentice said:

“I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone as you can gain qualifications while getting hands on experience in the workplace, it opens many opportunities for your future career.”

“Any companies which are considering starting apprentices should do it because it adds young and determined assets to your workforce which are driven to gain experience and are very hard working. “

Paul Merryweather, Craft Apprentice said:

” Once you have your skills and qualifications, your career can develop into what you want it to be.”

” The UK needs Industry to grow, with the help of apprentices and apprenticeships we can secure our future.”

Aaron Kirby, Technical Apprentice said:

” Starting an apprenticeship is hugely beneficial as it enables you to acquire qualifications and workplace experience.”

” The employment of apprentices in companies is massively important as it allows the company to train employees to the standards they require; it also helps bring young talent into the company that can have a big impact in the future.”

Chloe Reeves, Technical Apprentice said:

” It is a fantastic opportunity. Apprenticeships are a fantastic way of getting real work experience, whilst gaining qualifications.”

” Employing apprentices allows companies to train them to suit the company’s requirements, our generation are also very motivated and have a great deal of potential to improve companies.”

Bailey Oliver, Technical Apprentice said:

” Engineering is a great path to go down and will open many doors in the future.”

” Employing apprentices shows you have an interest in the future of engineering and allows companies to train them exactly to suit the purpose of your business.”

Leo King, Craft Apprentice said:

” It can really help build your future.”

” Apprentices bring innovative fresh ideas and are forward thinking with changes in technology.”

Marcus Stratton, Technical Apprentice said:

” Anyone considering starting an apprenticeship within the engineering sector should do it as you can be taken down a route with endless opportunities within the company.”

” Companies should employ more apprentices because the apprentices earn while learning and can become an asset to the company/team.”

Jake Smith, Craft Apprentice said:

” Do it, it’s a brilliant opportunity to learn a trade & build up your skills and confidence.”

” Apprenticeships can help grow your company.”

Ellis McMain, Technical Apprentice said:

” An apprenticeship in engineering is an excellent career pathway to choose as you get excellent experience and good understanding of engineering whilst learning.

” Companies should employ apprentices as they bring new ideas to the company. Apprenticeships can help fill skill gaps that the company may be missing.”

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